Consulate General in Manchester Hosts open house Event
2024-07-04 01:29

On a summer day of 28 June, the Consul General's Residence in Manchester was filled with a relaxing atmosphere and blooming flowers. At around 5:00 pm, at the invitation of Consul General Tang Rui, about 80 guests including Ms. Suzanne Wyatt, Mayor of Stockport where the Residence is located, Mr. Steve Bellis, President of the Stockport County FC, Mr. Gerry Yeung, Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, as well as ordinary people in the neighborhood and representatives of the Consulate staff, arrived at the Residence to attend the open house event.

In his speech, Consul General Tang Rui firstly welcomed all the guests to the Residence’s open house event. He said that since his arrival in Manchester in last July, he has traveled throughout the North of England and has been committed to promoting the sub-national cooperation in various fields as well as to enhancing mutual understanding and people-to-people friendship between China and the UK. He is pleased to see that in recent years sub-national cooperation has achieved positive results, bringing tangible benefits to the two countries and the two peoples. The Consul General’s Residence, officially opened in 1995, has witnessed and experienced every highlighted moment in the development of the relations between China and the UK over the past years. He is very grateful for all the guests’ care and support to the development of bilateral relations and to the work of the Chinese Consulate. The Consulate is willing to continue to work as a bridge for friendly exchanges and bilateral cooperation and contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and the people-to-people bond and friendship between the two countries.

After the speech, the guests enjoyed the cultural performance with great interest. During the first Chinese dancing performance, dancers dressed in gorgeous Chinese-style costumes were dancing along with the melodious music with every step and every rotation interpreting well the essence of the classical beauty of Chinese dance and bringing everyone into a dreamland of charm. Then came the Guzheng performance, the musician's light fingertips plucked the strings with the melody sometimes as gentle as water flowing beneath a small bridge, and sometimes as magnificent as lofty mountains and running rivers. The audience were completely indulged in the music, quietly enjoying the sound of nature. The Tai Chi performance brought the event to a climax. The martial artists presented the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophy with their slow but powerful moves and the audience were fully enchanted. Children and teenagers could not help but follow and imitate the moves and experience the charm of the ancient martial arts.

After the performance, Mr. Steve Bellis, President of the Stockport County FC, and players of the football club went into the crowd in the eyes of excitement and admiration to present with honour the 2023-2024 EFL League Two championship trophy that they have just won. They shared with the guests the exciting and difficult stories on the way to the championship and inspired the young people to pursue their dreams. People cheered, high-fived and took pictures with the trophy.

Then came the grand finale of the open house event – Chinese Food tasting. The Consulate General with local Chinese communities prepared more than ten classic Chinese dishes, including spring rolls, dumplings as well as food in Sichuan and Cantonese flavors and the guests ate heartily. There was not only a treat for the mouth, but also a treat for the eyes. Five 60cm-high fruit and vegetable carvings, including the one called “peacock displaying”, were really lifelike and quite stunning, making guests exclaiming at the profound Chinese food culture.

Mayor Suzanne Wyatt of Stockport and the other guests said that the open house event was not just a gathering for neighborhood, but also an event for cultural exchanges between the UK and China. Despite the proximity of the Consul General’s Residence, it was the first time for many of the guests to walk into the “Chinese territory” and have a closer encounter with the Chinese culture. The open house event enabled guests to have a better understanding of the Chinese Consulate as well as its efforts to promote local cooperation between the UK and China. It also made the charming Chinese culture deeply implanted in everyone’s heart, becoming their best memories. The guests hoped that there will be more opportunities in the future to learn more about the ancient and profound Chinese civilization as well as the vibrant modern China.

The open house event ended with laughter and cheerful moments. Before leaving the Residence, each guest also received a gift bag containing Chinese tea and panda dolls prepared by the Consulate General, making the open house event unforgettable. They are all looking forward to getting together again.

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