Ambassador Zheng Zeguang attends and addresses the Third UK-China Business Leaders Summit
2024-05-31 16:09

On 28 May 28 2024, H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang attended the opening ceremony of the Third UK-China Business Leaders Summit and delivered remarks at invitation. Chen Xu, Vice President of the China Overseas Friendship Association, attended the Summit and delivered a keynote speech. Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of UK Chinese Business Association, Lord Willetts, Chair of the Foundation for Science and Technology and former Minister for Universities and Science, Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Cai Guanshen, Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Fang Wenjian, Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, and Xia Hua, Chairman of Eve Group, also spoke at the event. More than 450 Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world and members of the UK business community were present. Organised by the UK Chinese Business Association, the Summit, with the theme “Illuminating New Opportunities,” discussed in depth about how to respond to the complex international situation after the Covid pandemic and further expand mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the UK.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zheng warmly congratulated the successful holding of the Summit and extended a warm welcome to Vice President Chen Xu and her delegation to the UK. He also expressed gratitude to the Chinese and British entrepreneurs for their significant contributions to promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries over the years.

Ambassador Zheng pointed out that the current international situation is turbulent and global economic recovery is sluggish, presenting unprecedented challenges as well as numerous opportunities. In the face of a volatile world, China remains steadfast in pursuing the path of modernisation with Chinese characteristics and stays committed to high-quality development. Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese economy, kicking off to a good start, has seen positive factors continuing to accumulate, new quality productive forces developing at a faster speed, and new technologies, new business models, and new industries constantly emerging. China is committed to deepening reform and opening up on all fronts, and works to stimulate social vitality. China has abolished all restrictions on foreign investment in the manufacturing sector, removed the restrictions on the financial industry in the negative list, and will reduce restrictions in services sectors, such as telecommunications and healthcare. China is willing to further share new cooperation opportunities with businesses from the UK and other countries and expand new areas of collaboration.

Ambassador Zheng noted that for some time, some Western politicians have been keen to talk down China's economy, but the fact is that China's economy has a solid foundation and strong resilience, and its long-term positive fundamentals have not and will not change. Recently, some politicians from the United States and a few Western countries have been hyping the so-called "China exporting excess capacity", but the fact is that the competitiveness of China's new energy products mainly comes from technological, industrial, and scale advantages, not so-called "subsidies." The export of these products fills the global supply gap, helps countries reduce inflationary pressures, and makes important contributions to the global green transition and climate change mitigation. Ambassador Zheng hoped that the business communities of China and the UK will not be disturbed by noises, not be bogged down by obstructions, remain committed to dialogue and cooperation, and persist in opening up new prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Zheng emphasised that whatever the changes in the UK politics, China will work with visionary individuals across UK society to promote the continuous growth of China-UK relations on the basis of mutual respect, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, and equality and mutual benefit. Ambassador Zheng hoped that the UK side and the new government formed after the general election will work with China in the same direction, plant more flowers and fewer thorns, and create a fair, just, and non-discriminatory business environment for mutually beneficial collaboration between enterprises of the two countries. He encouraged Chinese and British entrepreneurs to take the Summit as an opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and take unremitting actions to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the UK.

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